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Be “warned”—for better or for worse, this is one of my more jocular posts.  I’ve been having a minor dilemma lately.  About what, you ask?  See the title of this post: eyebrows.  Seemingly random, I know.  But let me explain.  Most people have these little patches of hairs above their eyes, and they’re considered a pretty mundane, normal, and necessary thing.  I’ve always been a bit obsessive about my eyebrows, plucking here and there until I deemed no hair was out of place.  They were never something I thought about in relation to transitioning, and once I decided to start transitioning, I started to try to butch them up a bit.  You know, so they didn’t look quite like this anymore:

It wasn’t until my mom made a comment about my eyebrows a few months ago that I realized I probably needed to pay some attention to them during my transition.  When I first came out to her with my decision to transition, I remember her clearly exclaiming over the phone, “But you have girl eyebrows!”  I laughed and shook my head, surprised that that was what first popped into her head.  As if I would look in the mirror, realize that I have “girl eyebrows” and think, “oh my god, I can’t transition now!”  I figured that I would just let them grow into a less groomed, more manly state, and if the current shape of my eyebrows is one of my bigger transition-related concerns, then my transition will be a piece of cake. Keep reading

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  Okay, beyond the obvious.  What do you see when you really look, deep into yourself?  A good person?  Someone you’re proud of?  Someone you like, or even better, love?

For all of my life (no, really, no exaggeration here), I’ve absolutely and utterly hated who and what I see when I look into the mirror.  So much so that I frequently made it a point to not look into the mirror, and most especially never look myself in the eyes—the pain was just too great.  I’ve never seen myself as attractive, or worthy, or someone to be proud of, or really anything remotely positive.  Part of this is due to Keep reading

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