Brief Update (Post-Op)

I know it’s been quite awhile since I last posted (before surgery, actually), and I’ve been pretty busy since.  I unfortunately developed some complications in my legs after the top surgery and was in the hospital for much longer than previously anticipated, but I’m finally starting to get back on track.  Check out the below video for a brief update! (Also, I’ll be posting pictures soon!)

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  1. Wow. You weren’t kidding about searching for compartment syndrome. Still, delighted to hear you’re okay and in good spirits. Was worried about you. ❤

  2. Catherine Dexter

    How did everything go for you? I hope you are Okay..x

  3. WOW! Quite a lot that happened!

    Let’s start positive. Your voice, to me, has changed a lot. You sound like quite a few guys I know. I am so happy the top surgery went well and you feel, as you stated, “like yourself”. That is way more important than feeling “like a guy”.

    As shocking and unexpected as the compartment syndrome was, the positive is that it happened while you were at the hospital. It could be dealt with immediately. I am also happy to know that it was not because of something that happened during surgery or as a result of that.

    I look forward to hearing more about your travels on the transition road.

    Much love.

    • I agree with the voice, I’m surprised because I’ve missed a T shot due to the surgery…clearly it’s still working though! And you’re absolutely right about the compartment syndrome, I think it’s much better that it happened now rather than sometime down the road when the situation could have been MUCH worse.

      • The up side of T is that it is such a strong hormone that you can do that and the effects are life long. With E, it is the opposite. If you miss a dose, it can take a while to climb back. The T in the male body will attack as soon as it can. I’m glad I don’t have a lot of T in my body to begin with. Can’t wait to start the hormones.

  4. Catherine Dexter

    There has been a fascinating t.v show on over here, the last few weeks. It was called my “Transexual Summer” and I found it really interesting, it’s not a subject that I know a great deal about, if I’m honest but this program was really insightful into the lives of people who were making the decision to under go surgery. My husband and I found it provoked a lot of questions and conversations after we had watched it. And I have to say I thought the FtM looked amazing when taking the Testosterone and before even having any surgery.They were very strong, inspiring people and just wanted them to be happy and succeed with their life and really hope they continue on their path to changing the views of other less understanding people. It was on Channel 4 I think, see if you can get in online on 4OD..anyway, good luck with your own journey and keep in touch Xx

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