2 Months on T and Endo Update

Yesterday marked my second (month) anniversary with T.  It’s been exciting so far, especially as I’ve seen the most changes in the past two weeks.  Check out the below video to hear about some of those (and hear how my voice has definitely, albeit barely, dropped) and see how my endocrinologist appointment went.  (Cliff notes version: it wasn’t the greatest, but I got clearance for surgery.)


(Again, the first ten seconds or so are odd but I still don’t know how to fix that.  If anybody does, email me, please!)

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  1. That’s a deepening voice right there 😀 Man, this is exciting times for you, despite medical stupidity it seems. Makes for some interesting and inspiring viewing.

    Funny about body hair. Excessive leg hair is something I’ve always disliked too (and for an XX, I’m a hairy mofo)…can only imagine what it’ll be like when thighs + arse are growing a beard too. Shudder. Oh well, all part of the territory.

    Great stuff. This surely takes guts to do!

    • Thanks :-). And yeah, my dad and younger brother are super hairy, it’s the hairy Italian men in them lol. I just hope that I don’t end up like that. The thought of it kinda just makes me want to go “ew!” like a little girl.

      • I can’t think of many guys I know that have every been YAY I AM A WOLVERINE, so I guess it’s not out of the ordinary to go ‘ew gross’ at large volumes of butt and back hair et al. My current partner has always been mortified at his hairy arse and legs, as was the previous. Half of them are far too pansy to wax though, even though they’d love to be smooth.

        If I ever find myself in the position to actually transition, I imagine there will be hair from one end of the planet to the other. Somehow, I am related to the hairiest azns evar.

        Such is life though 😀

        You know you’re a man when your hands get hairy though. ;D

      • Lol all of that is so true, and thankfully I have NO hand hair! Once that happens, then I’ll call myself an official man 😉

  2. Never feel dirty or shameful about your new body hair. There are many queer femmes (myself included) who find body hair on a FTM very sexy. Good luck on your transition.

    • Thanks :-). I think it’s also the idea of being identified as a butch lesbian or “dykey” that gives me those feelings too. It’s all confusing to think about/process sometimes.

      • I have been around transmen for over a decade. It is a process of adjusting and readjusting everything. If you are a man who likes to shave his legs, then I say go for it. I look forward to your updates.

  3. Freaking awesome. Yes your voice is lower for sure. Im so glad its going well. Oddly I totally identify with how I feel being acknowledged as a dike. I’ve been there. We can talk more on detail. But just someone calling me a lesbian makes my skin crawl and o don’t know why lol.
    Let me know if u need me to bring I anything over thanks giving ;0)

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