First Mini-Shave

I shaved this past weekend.  Not a full shave yet, but still a shave to the point where I was dragging blades across my tender face.  I really wasn’t planning to shave this soon into my transition (I’ve only been on testosterone for 6 weeks), but I didn’t have a choice, really.  I was chatting with a coworker this past Friday and she happened to mention that she could see my mustache.  At first, I thought it was pretty cool as it meant my T was definitely working!  Yet then I thought back to the people I had conversations with earlier in the day (my boss, her boss, and others) and realized that I was mortified…what if they has seen my mustache too?!  I then decided that the dark hair just had to go.  Having never shaved my face before, I only had Alex’s guidance to go on, in addition to his shaving cream which, unbeknownst to me, was infused with menthol.  Holy hell, does that shit burn.  But I survived the experience with no missed hairs, cuts, nicks, or post-shave razor burn.  Even though I only shaved off the ‘stache and not my whole face, I still consider it my shaving milestone.  Unfortunately, this is the beginning of the end of my hairless baby face.

Before the burn set in

In other news, everything else has been going well and progressing along nicely.  I recently spoke with a member from my surgeon’s team to go over pre- and post-op care instructions as well as other surgery details.  While the surgery is still just over a month away, having that conversation definitely made it more real in my head, that it’s actually going to happen.  The only thing that stands in my way is a letter from my endocrinologist, the doctor I see for my Type I Diabetes.

Having T1D since I was 9, I have a pretty good handle on everything, but since I’m going to be under general anesthesia for 3 hours, the surgeon wants to have clear instructions from my endo about how to handle my insulin and other meds.  The only minor issue with this is that my endocrinologist has no idea I’m trans or that I’ve started taking hormones since I last had an appointment.  I’m seeing her tomorrow, so she will know in less than 24 hours.  I’m a bit nervous as the practice that I go to is a city away from mine and in a very well-off and somewhat conservative area.  To make it worse, in addition to providing doctors and endocrinologists, this office also does cosmetic procedures such as Botox and chemical peels—many wealthy and seemingly conservative people (not to mention attractive  and thin, but that’s a different issue) go there and work there.  I’ve always felt uncomfortable there even as a mere lesbian, like all heads turn to stare at me in the waiting room when I walk in.  I just hope to god that the endo I’m seeing tomorrow is trans-friendly and will write me the letter that I so desperately need.


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  1. Thats one sexy stashe! I miss you! Good Luck tomorrow!


  2. That’s sad. I miss that fuzz. That was the most adorable mustache ever! 🙂

  3. Shaving turns into a pain in the ass in no time at all. When I’m not letting my beard grow, I have to shave every day. It’s sort of a double edged sword. but really, it’s nice to actually finally be able to grow facial hair after so many years of wishing for it.

    Good luck with your appointment. Hope everything goes well. 🙂

    • Thanks :-). And yeah, I’ve heard that it turns into a big pain and the novelty wears off pretty quickly. But you’re right, I’ll take it over not having any (even though I’m not a huge facial/body hair person to begin with).

  4. Ahhhhh. The first shave. One of the most anticipated (or feared in my case) events in a young man’s life. A sign of maturity. A sign of growing into manhood. (a sign that this was all wrong for me).

    You will eventually decide whether shaving is where you want to be, or if you like the looks and feel of the stubble and beard. It can go either way.

    I am very excited for you. I know that it’s a huge step in becoming you. A huge step in the Journey To Me. 🙂

    I hope the doctor’s visit was well received. I think that the medical community, whether they are conservative or not, tend to put aside their beliefs when it means helping someone reach their goal. It is the rewarding part of their job, since they most likely see way more botox and facelift patients than someone who is really doing this to become whole.

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