I Am A Person

I love this image.  I found it on a blog post that talks about ridding Facebook of homophobia (you can check out that cause here—I’m not affiliated with it in any way though).  As simple as it is, it rung oh so true to me—kind of like a “duh!” moment—and probably does for all of the other LGBTQ folks out there.  If only those who are homophobic and transphobic (and all other LGBTQ-phobics) could understand that, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, we’re still people, perhaps this country and this world would be a nicer place.  I don’t agree with bigots’ hate-speech (to put it lightly), but I still consider them human beings and would treat them accordingly.  Is being treated as a person so much to ask for? (Clearly, yes.)


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  1. I love this! It has been a mantra (so to speak) of mine my entire life. We are all one.

    When DEPECHE MODE released their song PEOPLE RE PEOPLE, it rang so true and spoke so close to my heart. I championed that song and spread the message to all I could.

    If the world could just see “people”, there would be no problems. I guess that is the Utopia we, as thinking people, have longed for throughout the ages.

    Labels hurt everyone, even the labels we have put upon ourselves. A label brings a group together, but at the same time ostracises others.

    As the song goes:

    People are people
    So why should it be
    You and I
    Should get along so awfully.

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